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Syslogic AI Rugged Computer distinguished for outstanding product design

Syslogic’s AI Rugged Computer RS A3N received a Red Dot Award for outstanding product design. The monolithic design of the embedded computer combines modern industrial design with functional innovation.

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s most significant awards for product design. Embedded manufacturer Syslogic received a Red Dot Award in the product design category for its AI Rugged Computer RS A3N.  

Monolithic and functional: AI Rugged Computer RS A3N
Syslogic is one of the world’s leading suppliers of robust embedded systems with long-term availability. The company is one of the key innovators — not only from a technological perspective, but also in terms of design. This notion was just confirmed by the Red Dot jury, consisting of 50 international experts. They were impressed by the monolithic appearance of the Syslogic embedded system. 

The design of the AI Rugged Computers RS A3N is as stylish as it is functional. The aluminum housing protects the electronics from external influences. The concise cooling fins are perfectly designed to channel the heat out of the device. It enables passive cooling, thus eliminating the need for a fan that is susceptible to malfunction. The screw-on connectors prevent moisture or dust from entering the device. They are also resistant to shock and vibration. The pressure and moisture balance in the device is regulated by a lateral Gore-Tex membrane. Another key aspect during development was the compact design of the embedded computer, which is often installed in autonomous machines or vehicles where space is limited.

Raphael Binder, Managing Director of Syslogic, says: “Although functional aspects dictated the basic shape, it was important to us that the rugged computer looks like it was cast from a single mold.” Syslogic definitely reflected that in the final design by using anodized aluminum for the surface finish and adding highly efficient cooling fins.

Artificial intelligence under extreme conditions
The AI Rugged Computer RS A3N (AI stands for artificial intelligence) is one of the most robust embedded systems based on Nvidia Jetson technology. The rugged computer meets protection class IP69. This means that it is shock and vibration resistant as well as dust and waterproof. Furthermore, the rugged computer is designed for the extended temperature range of -40 to +70 degrees Celsius (-40 to +158 degrees Fahrenheit). It is suitable for use in construction and agricultural machinery, mining vehicles, or outdoor applications where the unit is exposed to weather conditions.  

The applied Nvidia processor technology brings AI from the data centers to the network edge (edge intelligence) – and Syslogic in turn, brings the technology to industrial applications. It enables revolutionary applications across various industries, from self-driving vehicles to smart farming. 

On display in award winner exhibition
The AI Rugged Computer RS A3N will be featured with all other award-winning products in the online exhibition starting on June 21, 2021, and in the Red Dot Design Yearbook in July 2021. Additionally, the Syslogic computer will be on display during the award winner exhibitions “Design on Stage” and “Milestones in Contemporary Design” at the Red Dot Design Museum Essen from June 21, 2021, to May 31, 2022.

Raphael Binder says: “At Syslogic, we make everything in-house from product development to engineering and design to manufacturing. The Red Dot award confirms that our products are not only technologically advanced but also stand out with their exceptional design.”

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