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Time-of-Flight sensor (TOF)

Time-of-Flight-Sensor (TOF) zur Messung der Sitzplatzbelegung

· Compact dimensions · Easy to assemble · Fail-safe

For public transport, Syslogic offers TOF systems (time of flight) for detecting seat occupancy. A compact TOF camera is mounted above each row of seats for this purpose. This camera sends infrared light pulses to the seat. For each pixel, the camera measures the time that the light needs to get to the object and back again. This is how the seat is scanned. Using software that Syslogic developed together with established technical universities, the system detects whether anyone is really sitting in the seat or whether, for example, only a bag has been placed on the seat. Accordingly, the utilization of a bus or train can be determined or, respectively, it can be determined which compartments still have seats available. A possible application would be guiding travelers to the carriages with available seats while they are already on the platform.

The advantages of the TOF technology lie in the speed; compared to conventional systems, TOF provides a real-time image, since the object does not have to be scanned first. The TOF cameras measure with 8x8 pixels. Another advantage compared to other technologies is that TOF manages without moving parts and is accordingly sturdy. TOF also works in extreme light conditions. Compared to video systems, TOF does not record any image data, but rather only records outline data of a measured object. There are accordingly no concerns about data privacy. The Syslogic TOF sensors can be coupled with different BUS systems.
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