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More power for the Compact SL Series: Syslogic shifts up to the new Atom E3800 processors (Bay Trail)

High computational power along with low power consumption – this need not be a contradiction in terms. The new embedded computers in the Syslogic Compact SL Series are masters of this balancing act. The new Atom E3800 processors (Bay Trail) from Intel are at the heart of these powerful computers.

  • <p>The new Atom E3800 processors (Bay Trail) from Intel are at the heart of the powerful Compact SL embedded computers.</p>

    The new Atom E3800 processors (Bay Trail) from Intel are at the heart of the powerful Compact SL embedded computers.

Syslogic is upgrading its embedded computers in the Compact SL Series. At the most important trade show in this sector, Embedded World in Nuremberg from February 25 to 27, Syslogic will for the first time present its Compact SL computers with the new Intel Atom E3800 processors (Bay Trail), which are also known under the name Bay Trail.

Atom E3800 processors (Bay Trail) succeed in balancing top performance with low power consumption
Intel’s Atom E3800 (Bay Trail) processors are ushering in a new era of industrial 64-bit processors. They are available in single-, dual- and quad-core versions. The performance levels range from 1.33 to 1.91 GHz, and power consumption varies between 5 and 10 watts depending on the design. With these specs, the processors succeed in balancing high computational power and low power consumption.

Raphael Binder, Product Manager at Syslogic, is quite enthusiastic, saying, "With their low power consumption, the Intel E3800 processors do an excellent job of meeting industrial requirements in terms of robustness and durability." Thanks to their high performance, adds Binder, these processors are also paving the way for new applications, in particular those with very demanding visualization tasks.

The Syslogic Compact SL Series offers flexible connectivity capabilities
The E3800 processors (Bay Trail) make the robust Compact SL Series from Syslogic an extremely powerful all-purpose solution. As before, the Compact SL computers stand out because of their very versatile connectivity capabilities. The embedded computers come standard with ports for DVI, USB, LAN, Ethernet and RS232. In addition, thanks to a PC/104 connector and a Mini-PCIe slot, the computers can support expansion modules for additional functionality. Optionally available features include an Embedded DisplayPort and a wireless module.

The Compact SL – a true trailblazer
In addition to equipping the Compact SL Series with the Intel E3800 processors, Syslogic will soon be doing the same for additional product series. Plans include using these powerful processors in various box computers, single-board computers and HMI systems.

According to Binder, "Syslogic is confident it will further expand its market position with this new Core technology." The company has recently established an excellent reputation especially in the mobile automation and railway markets. Syslogic is one of the few European companies in the embedded market that does its own development, design and manufacturing for all its industrial computers and HMI systems.

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